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Discover all product groups now to completely renew your home with their designs and different options.

Discover Yanıklar Furniture Collection!

Yanıklar Furniture , which saves you from the trouble of visiting stores and making product comparisons to create characteristic living spaces, offers the shortest solutions for you to create decorations that appeal to you. Our products, which are manufactured with a completely innovative approach, include trend colors and trendy models. Ideal furniture types for homes, which will allow you to enjoy the time you spend in it, are waiting for you in our rich product range.

For a Prestigious Decoration

In these times when we want to make characteristic touches to our rooms, Yanıklar Furniture collection comes to your aid. It is possible to renovate the rooms you live in without harming your economy with our furniture that adds privilege to the corners you want and carries the style to another dimension. If you are tired of living rooms under the shadow of ordinary designs, uncomfortable bedrooms, mediocre youth rooms and uninspiring dining rooms, let’s take a look at our rich collection together.

Bedroom Sets

The Bedroom Set Models, which contain many functional and modern furniture such as wardrobes, bed bases, nightstands, dressers, take their place under the category with the most popular options. You can evaluate many types of avant-garde, classic, minimal or retro concepts in suits where maximum comfort is employed. If you wish, you can purchase different types of mattresses, headboards, and bed bases individually in our bed base and bed category.

Dining Room Sets

With our Modern Dining Room Sets, you can have cozy dinner conversations with your family or set magnificent tables for your guests. Our dining room sets, decorated with the closest decors to your mind, bring together modern furniture products such as dining tables, consoles, and showcases in the same set and make it possible for you to spend peaceful hours.

Sofa Set Models

The Sofa Set Models, which feature designs that are far from clichéd models, are listed under the title with functional and qualified options. You can choose modern, avant-garde or chester model sofa sets according to your personal decoration style. Corner Set Models, which are the favorite of the last period and offer a relatively more minimal atmosphere, are also waiting for their buyers with their favorite colors.

TV Unit Types

TV Unit Models, also known as living units, where televisions are placed, are furniture that also give clues about the style of the house. Our company, which acts in this direction, is signing the models that meet you the most. Our simple, glamorous, modern or minimal product range meets every style.

Kids & Teenage Room

Including dynamic furniture options, Youth Room Set Models are assertive in making young people’s entertainment and working hours more productive. Children’s room furniture inspired by Montessori education, baby room sets are also exhibited under the category. All models also provide a wide range of freedom and activity for children.

A Comfortable Online Furniture Shopping

Yanıklar Furniture, which turns houses into livable areas, points the shortest way to the furniture designs you are looking for. You can now renew your decoration with peace of mind with our products that make rooms more peaceful and livable places. All products at, which provides an economical shopping environment, are under a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. We welcome all our customers to our online store for a friendly, economical, fast and comfortable shopping experience.

Discover Yaniklar Furniture Collection!